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Wanna know what’s newfangled in Swarahi?


Panchakalpam soaps are the best unique herbal soap of Swarahi herbal handmade soaps. It has the secret power of five magical herbal ingredients that help your skin dissolve wrinkles away and fade those dark spots away from your skin. This soap is 100 per cent natural and chemical free and is made with herbal ingredients only. It has white pepper and coconut oil as its other ingredients in this soap!

This panchakalpam soap that has 5 herbs infused in it helps to make your skin retain its softness and radiant look back!  It also helps you to remove any kind of unwanted toxins from the skin!

White pepper: has antioxidant properties and is an excellent skin exfoliator and can be used as a scrub to remove any dead cells from the skin.

Coconut oil: improves the skin functions and repairs skin from its roots.

Also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are helpful to fight the signs of skin ageing and also acts as a moisturizer!

Benefit from the panchakalam soap that has 5 secret herbs infused in it, and will work wonders for your beautiful skin! Feed your skin with natural herbs soap, face pack, hair oils and hair packs available for you and will be customized according to your needs!  Happy and healthy skin care is the best care for your skin, and that too when it is completely organic, it is the best choice to make!

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